Dybl U12 Final Four 2022.

Dybl U12 Final Four 2022.

Date: 2022. september 3. Saturday
Venue: Óbudai Baseball Aréna Budapest, Aranyos u. 8-14, 1031

Participating teams in the regular season order:

  1. Jánossomorja Rascals
  2. Óbuda Legionnaires
  3. Debrecen Tigers
  4. Budapest Red Wolves

    Buda field 1-4 regular season placed, 10.00 :
    Jánossomorja Rascals – Budapest Red Wolves
    8 7

    Pest field 2-3 regular season placed, 10.00 :
    Óbuda Legionnaires Debrecen Tigers
    2 11

    Buda field 13.00 3rd place game, losers of 1st and 2nd game.
    Óbuda Legionnaires Budapest Red Wolves
    2 14

    Buda field 15.00 1st place game, winners of 1st and 2nd game.
    Jánossomorja Rascals – Debrecen Tigers
    7 – 3

17.30 award ceremony

Angels of Trnava won the U15 dybl trophy

Congratulations to the Angels of Trnava who won the U15 dybl league in 2022.

Semi finals:
Óbuda Gladiators – Óbuda Warriors Jr. 14 – 5
Trnava Angels – Budapest Red Wolves 9 – 5
After 2 extra innings
Óbuda Gladiators – Trnava Angels 5 – 6

dybl 2022

I am happy to announce that the dybl finally has been started after two years, so welcome on board the teams in the leagues:
Óbudai Legionaries
Jánossomorja Rascals
BK Angels Trnava
Debrecen Tigers
Budapest Red Wolves

Óbuda Gladiators
Óbuda Warriors Jr
Érd Giants
Apollo Bratislava
BK Angels Trnava
Debrecen Tigers
Budapest Red Wolves

Last weekend the teams already have the first games so all of you can follow the upcoming games and results of the games.

COVID-19 update

Hello All,

all around the world COvid-19 still is on the top news, but a few countries will open the lockdown carefully to get back the normal daily live smoothly.
The aim is still to protect ourselfs for the further infection, and this steps are with. safety regulations.
We do not know yet how the sports events will be organized in the near future, but we saw the CEB news this week regarding cancellations and postpones. (http://baseballeurope.com/post/cancellation_of_the_2020_u_12_european_baseball_ch)
We still do not know yet how affect this the first season of dybl, but we are still planning with a half broken season, all depends on the govorments decisions.
We have another option for example in september, planning weekend tournaments for the participants.
So stay tuned, and get ready for the games and news.

cheers, #dybl


Dear All,

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads globally and is here around us already, the virus impacted all of our planned sports events. To prevent ourselves and it is already governments decision we postpone all the planned dybl games accross countries.
I keep inform you as the news comes up.